Ricardo de Melo

Ricardo de Melo

Ricardo de Melo


Ricardo de Melo is an Indonesian based photographer. He is specialising in architectural, interior (foto interior) & commercial photography (foto wedding & foto pre wedding), he works for wide range of architects, designers, clients, magazines in Indonesia.

He uses sun light, a rooms ambient light, light from his strobes and highlights created in Photoshop to create images that represent each objects (architecture, interior, products) to its full potential.

Today businesses, commercial advertisements need to be more creative then ever to gain the attention and trust of clients. “Good enough” will not work anymore. The digital age has opened the door for more people to enjoy the craft of photography.

Quality stock photography can’t solve all the of a business’s imagery needs. As a partial result of the consolidation of the stock industry, often original customized photography can be more cost effective and satisfying to a company’s needs.

Drawing on technical precision honed through his photography and design studies, Ricardo de Melo expertly manipulates light and perspective to produce strong images that move beyond mere subject matter. His style manifests the perfect juxtaposition of creativity and intellect.

Evoking the essence of each subject, he finds the unique angle, the perfect perspective, the creative vision that is at once intuituve and exact. De Melo’s work has featured in such publications, including : IDEA Magazine, Renovasi Magazine (KOMPAS GRAMEDIA GROUP).

Nowadays, Ricardo de Melo are starting to share his knowledge and experience in the field of photography via photography course (Kursus Fotografi) either face to face meeting or online photography course (kursus fotografi online).


Ricardo de Melo

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